Money is a bitch.

I think I shall deal drugs.

They say…

They say that majoring in something you’re “interested” in won’t put food on the table in our dead-end economy and that going to college in general is stupid. They say pick up a factory job and get the white picket fence and have sally and jimmy and live your mediocre life.

A) Fuck that.

B) This is why I hate where I come from. This is the idea of everyone… You graduate from high school and if you make it out of there not pregnant, you either go to community college or start working in a factory, mine, etc… Everyone gets so caught up in their little nest that they can’t leave it. There is more to life than getting drunk and high in small town with the same people, waking up, going to work, and doing it over again until you realize that you fucked up and can’t go back. There is more to life than a once a week trip to Owensboro just to spice your life up. So if you would like to look me in the pupil and say with a straight face that you, who have decided to not go to college or tried and couldn’t make it through the trials and tribulations of your first semester, would like to tell me that you will be better off in life than a person with a four year degree in ANYTHING, then please live your life in silence. 

C) Silence. Shattup. I don’t run your life, I don’t commentate your life, if I don’t know your life by now I probably don’t want to know it. So, because our economy is “dead-end” and will forever and always remain “dead-end”, I will fail for doing what I want to do and that’s cool coz

D) Imma prove ya wrong muh fucka

Ahhh Barefoot in the Park… I hope to be in one day.

Ahhh Barefoot in the Park… I hope to be in one day.

I don’t mind my mistakes ‘cause they all led me to you.

Avett Bros

photo by sⓘndy° Submitted by Hazor


photo by sⓘndy°
Submitted by Hazor

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oyy the summer

oyy the joy

oyy rapture

in the oyy oyy oyy.

you bring me

and I’ll bring you

I’ll bring you joy in the oyy oyy oyy